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If you have any BESS or solar PV project ready to build, I can assist you in providing TA services across various construction phases, such as invitation to tender package, factory-acceptance tests (FATs), site-acceptance tests (SATs) and commissioning witnessing support to achieve commercial operation dates (COD).  


I can provide technical support for employer requirements as well as technical contract support andcontract negotiation support, particularly on battery projects. 

I offer: 

  • Invitation to tender package preparation, bids review, scrutiny and selection-process support, technology review and warranties support. 

  • Detailed engineering design review against employer requirements, review of FAT methodology and independent witnessing of your project main components. 

I can offer tailored services packages for construction monitoring, providing an independent review of the project status and advice on whether you need assurance or support from different subcontractors. 

I can be with you at that fantastic moment when your assets achieve COD, ensuring your contractors comply with the technical terms agreed in the employer requirement and contracts through commissioning independent witnessing as well as reviewing main SATs against FATs, the owner’s manual and relevant handover/takeover documentation.