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I can offer you tailored services packages for sites already built and in operation. I can conduct operational-performance assessment for your plants with respect to the performance terms agreed in your O&M’s contract. For your BESS assets, I can review contractual availability declaration, degradation and round-trip efficiency profiles, as well as operational tests to guarantee performance compliance under grid operator terms for the services that the batteries are contracted to provide.   


I can work on your behalf with your O&M contractor in reviewing quarterly, six month and yearly O&M reports with the intention to challenge them where needed. I can assist you with reviewing O&M expenditure and project revenues against performance and services.

Furthermore, if you require a site visit, I also offer comprehensive visual inspections to review the status of the plant and whether your contractor needs to rectify any item that is not according to O&M contract or industry standards. I also offer thermal-imaging support to monitor your battery strings and module temperatures.

I can assist you by witnessing and reviewing relevant operation and performance reports for your BESS during the two-year EPC liability period or PAC for your solar PV asset alongside IAC and FAC.